Monday, May 2, 2011

And Happy Anniversary

Our guest speaker this weekend was terrific. Maria Cimperman is an Ursuline currently living in San Diego, CA, though doing some online teaching with occasional on-campus time in San Antonio. She is writing a new book on social analysis and we got a dose of the ideas, with twists and tweaking for religious congregations. The example we used to go through some of the process's steps was the natural gas drilling question that is THE topic throughout much of Pennsylvania as we are poised above huge natural gas reserves in our shale. However, the environmental and human costs, dangers and risks of this drilling and fracking are monumental. The film, Gasland, which documents one young man's research into this drilling, is currently #1 on amazon's DVD list---so interest in the topic is really taking off...thank goodness.

Two of our favorite Easter gifts: The DVD of "The King's Speech" from one of our English oblates and two volumes of the St. John's Bible: "The Psalms" and "Gospels and Acts." Beautiful, both.

If you haven't given the new Monasteries of the Heart website a look yet, you might try it soon. It's very cool and has lots of options, such as a blog with reader conversation, videos, and some daily postings by some of the sisters involved or those already in MoH groups or interested in starting one. It's here.

Happy Anniversary LTSGW....Today begins year #5.