Monday, May 9, 2011

First peninsula trip

It was a beautiful Sunday in Easter season, Mother's Day weekend, for everyone in our area. As we sing "Alleluia" throughout our prayer and, especially on the Sundays of the Easter season, it was much easier to feel the spirit of rejoicing because our weather has taken a much-anticipated turn to warmth and sun.

Though there are still many flowers in chapel, the first ones have begun to fade and we were able to plant their bulbs in the inner courtyard garden. Fun to see lilies blooming in July and August!

We got the opportunity to travel to our peninsula, too. This time of year, pre-tourists, you only run into locals. Nice!

Here's the Oliver Hazard Perry monument area at the very tip of the peninsula, two of many fishermen on the bay, our lighthouse at the entrance to the channel with the Flagship Niagara out for an early spring sail, and the professional kite fliers on Sunset beach (quickly becoming known as the kite flying beach!).