Thursday, May 5, 2011

May is Flowering

I thought our onslaught of guests would wind down a bit, I was wrong. We have 4-5 women here this week who are fitting into our post-Easter "Let's all just be quiet and return to the every day" atmosphere just perfectly. They are all smiles, yet quiet and unassuming. We are trying to be the same! One, however, has taken me off guard, as she announced that she had me in high school some 30+ years ago. Yikes! She is back in Erie for awhile because of an ailing parent and she needed a quiet, away place to be while negotiating some parenting. This is just what Benedictine hospitality is for.

Our website has some new entries, including a fun slide show from Sunday's benefactors' brunch. A brief disclaimer on why yours truly looks so tired----I was! But was a fun event.

Despite our barrels of rain, acres of standing water ponds and endless sun-less days, our trees are flowering beautifully. If we weren't so cold we could get outside and enjoy them! But nonetheless, here are a couple lovely, delicate ones that I found hidden in obscure corners of the Mount. Can you tell where they are?