Monday, May 23, 2011


One of the things that "got us through" the recent snowy winter and just-ended cool and rainy early weeks of spring was our falling in love with Christopher Foyle.

If you:
a) appreciate the marvelous writing and acting in BBC-produced TV;
b) like mysteries that are a great story without a lot of gore and violence;
c) had American History classes that emphasized the American Revolution and the Civil War but never quite got into WWII at all,

You'll love Foyle's War, a DVD series of 90-minute mysteries that are terrific. The series is set in the seaside town of Hastings in southeast England beginning in 1939. By the sixth set of 3 DVDs we've moved to 1945 and the beginnings of the post-WWII world.

Christopher Foyle is a marvel of understatement, intelligence, integrity and compassion. A combination that has given us hours of historical fiction intrigue and transported us to the WWII world we didn't know.

Not bad to get into for summer, too, I'd say.

Michael Kitchen as DCS (Detective Chief Superintendent) Christopher Foyle.