Monday, May 16, 2011

Tender of Souls

There is great sadness in our community today as our former and much beloved prioress, Sister Mary Margaret Kraus, entered into everlasting life Sunday, May 15 right at the end of Evening Praise at 6:00 pm. The coincidence that it was Good Shepherd Sunday was not lost on us, as this beautiful woman "shepherded" this community for 14 years: 1964-1978, the years immediately following the Vatican II Council and surely the most challenging of times for all leaders in the Catholic Church and, in particular, in religious life.

Check our community website often as her complete obituary and prayer card will be posted soon.

Sister Mary Margaret has been the keeper and loving gardener of our inner courtyard garden for over a decade.

Feeders for hummingbirds and Baltimore orioles are also hung there amidst the many flowering plants, bushes and even a few small trees--not to forget the statue of the Blessed Mother, featured often here in LTSGW!