Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Addition

In the late 1980s the community constructed an addition to the east end of our two residence wings. The addition added on 30 rooms in total, five on each of the three floors of both the north and south wings.

Also added on every floor was a porch. Only the front wall of each porch is open, making them really lovely places to sit outside and yet be enough out-of-doors without being in the direct sun.

The one right by my room has benefitted from the care of one of our green-thumbed sisters. It not only boasts a little patio set of table and chairs, but has the healthiest and prettiest plants, as the "open side" has a southern exposure.

I never cease being amazed at the decorative and design talents of so many of our sisters. Usually we see their talents in the chapel environment, but every once and awhile some little corner of the Mount benefits from a type of "makeover" and it always is just------just so right.

If you haven't seen these yet, on our community website are links to the spring/summer MOUNT magazine and a newspaper column by our Sister Mary Lou. Both are great! (Scroll down the news a bit)