Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Path of Life

The spring/summer issue of the MOUNT magazine has "the path of life" as its major theme. It seems appropriate, then, that one of our sisters got it in her head that the stone path in our inner courtyard was way overgrown and had to be cleared out. Everyone knows that keeping grass and weeds from growing in, around, and through stones is a full time job...unless you use chemicals like Round Up, which is a no-no at our place...and understandably.

She and her helpers have done a beautiful job, as you can see here. But, what a task...hard, hard manual labor.

She told me that her family home had a brick path and that when her father got it in his head to change the direction of the path all the kids would dig up the bricks and re-lay them into the new pattern...until his next idea!

Thanks to Sister Marla and friends for this beautification of our inner courtyard. Greatly appreciated by guests and sisters alike (and especially by those whose offices look out upon it...yours truly included!)


and AFTER!