Monday, June 6, 2011

Spirit Week

Lots of activities going on in and around the Mount/in and around the community these days. But I want to mention just two of them. One: Visitors are always a favorite topic of mine and this weekend we had a Seasons of the Spirit retreat with lots of high-energy retreatants who enter into the activities and spirituality experience with such enthusiasm. They are always, always delightful to have around and seem to have a wonderful time whether this is their first retreat or fortieth! Two: Our prioress, Anne, has been faithful to giving tours all week of her robin babies, but on Saturday she found an empty nest when she checked. She heard and then spied the babies in her little garden area, with their parents still supplying worms to them all weekend.

Click to enlarge and look in the very center!

Three: (I know I said two) This is one of every one's favorite liturgical weeks--the week leading up to Pentecost Sunday. We started with our "spirit" songs Saturday and will work our way through the entire repertoire by next weekend. One is just as great as the other and we usually sing them with great....well, spirit! I hope you have found enlivening liturgies in your area, too.

Our Sheraton Hotel on the far left, Bicentennial Tower on the right, Presque Isle Bay behind them and Presque Isle State Park beyond that.