Monday, July 25, 2011


One of our sisters has been "walking a cancer journey," as they say, for a couple months now. Early on her hair started to thin and we have gotten use to the various baseball caps, colorful turbans, and creatively folded scarves that she has used as head coverings.

At the opening Invitatory of this Saturday's Vigil of Sunday Liturgy of the Hours doesn't she emerge as the candle bearer in one of our beautiful pink gowns brought home from the Philippines years ago, complete with matching pink headscarf. Coming right after her is another of our sisters, the candle bearer, in the Filipino blue gown, with her hair pinned up under a matching blue headpiece.

Their liturgical "dance" for the weekly incense and light ritual was just lovely and extremely moving in its inclusion and subtle awareness of one sister's present circumstance and the other's solidarity with her.

For you guys out there (and some gals, too) who never understood the term "sisterhood"---this is it.