Monday, July 4, 2011

We're Part of a Study

Four Ohio Wesleyan University (near Columbus, OH) students are part of a Theory-to-Practice Grant studying monasticism: its historical development, expression, and a particular topic within it.

One of the four students, Colleen, has chosen our community for her two week live-in experience as part of the grant. Colleen's topic is Feminist Leadership and Inclusivity in a Monastic Setting. Last week she visited some of our ministries and began interviewing individual sisters who wish to participate in her research. Colleen was a member of a group of OWU students who spent their alternative spring break with us last March, so she is already familiar with the Mount, our prayer, and other daily horarium issues.

The four students in the grant program will present their research as part of the OWU-hosted conference, "Radical Gospel Living: Monasticism Today," this November 4-5.