Thursday, August 11, 2011

On the West Coast

Here are some images that caught my attention at the LCWR assembly in Anaheim.

There was a whole aisle of religious candles in Target! Don't know whether it's because they don't have a religious goods store or that the people here are just very devotional!

Here are the beautiful foothills we came to when we visited the Benedictine Sisters of Glendora, CA. Just beautiful.

More from Glendora, at an outdoor dinner with wonderful music from a gal who records for Oregon Catholic Press.

Benetvision has a booth here among the exhibitors. Amazing how many sisters already know about our Monastery of the Heart program.

Though we didn't actually go inside one of the "worlds," we did go into the Disney entrance area that has this famous sign!

You'll notice that there aren't any photos of the 650 leaders of religious communities who are meeting...but those gatherings are going along fine, too!