Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photos of Light

I bought a copy of Games magazine to help pass the time on the 4+ hour flight from LA back to Erie last Saturday. Games has just what you'd think, a wide variety of games from a couple standard crosswords to word games, visuals and puzzles of all kinds and levels. One of their famous games is called Eyeball Benders. Here they take a closeup photo of common everyday objects, where only a small part of each is visible. The challenge is to see if you can identify them.

So, here I am walking through our first floor making a type of Eyeball Bender for you. Can you identify where these objects are on first floor at the Mount? For those who have never been here, please just enjoy my small attempts to take photos of objects difficult to capture as such.

I think the first one's easy, the next medium, and the third challenging!

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