Wednesday, August 31, 2011

People Watching

As I spent 3 years in the original habit I remember quite vividly the unexpected awareness of always being stared at, living in the proverbial fishbowl. "Guess what we saw today, Mommy---nuns!" For a basically shy person it was awful. As much as I had looked forward to receiving it, the return to lay clothes and their accompanying anonymity was a welcome relief.

Beaches have to rank right up there with airports and malls for people-watching and we have done a great deal of that this week. Three observations: families are alive and well--all three generations, grandparents, parents and kids are everywhere; people still read books, as we saw paper books all over the beach----of course, Kindles and Nooks may not get along too well with the fine Jersey sand; and finally, vacation time is great, as most people we are seeing have a smile on their face, are dressed in shorts and summer tops, and are drinking and eating with friends.

Not to spoil the reflection, but the realities of the world don't take a vacation, so let us remember today all those in our world for whom the above experiences would be only a dream or even an unknown concept, as their life is one of just trying to meet their basic needs each day. Take a vacation? You're kidding.

Here are some everyday views of "life at the shore"!
Click to enlarge.

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