Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Berry Good Week

Took a walk "around the back forty," down to the lake and along East Lake Road this week and was amazed that it seemed like every other green bush was loaded with berries. Purple, red, orange, green, the late summer berries are everywhere. Back at the Mount, I just walked right out the door of the library courtyard and found all these within a few yards of the house. Quite beautiful, but I think you have to be on foot to spy them, flying by in a car won't do.

If you haven't been to our community website this week there's a lot that was just posted, including Anne W's beautiful closing prayer at Sunday's Interfaith Service. She repeated some of it the next night, too, at another interfaith 9-11 service.

And, finally, I turned into our driveway Tuesday at about 8:15 pm and caught the somewhat unusual sight of our chapel, lit up from the inside after sunset. This is all I could do, I just knew my camera couldn't catch what I was seeing. But, the experience convinced me--I'm investing in a new camera ASAP. Watch for better photos coming soon!