Monday, September 19, 2011

We Are Ready to Sing

This weekend brought the beginning of a "new year." September marks the return of many of our yearly pursuits that take a summer hiatus and one began this Sunday: schola practice. Over 25 sisters belong to this community singing group and we were greeted with news of four new members who have joined and three new songs that we practiced right on day one.

Although we only practice a couple times a month (there are just so many opportunities to get 25 people's schedules free at the same time) we do offer some good choral numbers for special events, feasts and for the traditional liturgical holy days.

Our first "appearance" this year will be in 3 weeks at the 2011 Jubilee weekend.

Two links that I think you'll like--One: the catalogue from the just-opened new show of Brother Thomas' pottery in Boston. Click here and then on the catalogue you'll see on the upper left.

And one of my favorite blogs from one of our best writers. It may be new to you but I know you'll like it. Click here and you'll see it on the right.

And finally, see our website this week for the story and photos that accompanied the welcoming of two gals to our Benedicta Riepp program for the next year. Lucky us.