Thursday, September 8, 2011

Word For the Day

I love those 4" square one-day-at-a-time calendars that flood the market every Christmas. But I hardly ever buy one because I can never choose just one. Do I pick the one that gives you a Jeopardy answer every day? or a little crossword or sudoku? or how about a laugh a day? or word a day? or hundreds of other topics that give you 365 doses (366 next year) of your favorite subject.

But in their honor I do offer a word for today: rhymes with colt.

One of our resident wild turkeys, which we pay only passing attention to because: a) we love the deer more, and b) they are just homely birds, is a new mother. And, as proof of that, she is parading her 8 babies (poults) around our yard regularly. From afar they seem like they may even be cute, but come next spring...yikes!

Speaking of cute, here are two other late summer photos I took of the newly-finished "poetry park" that some of our sisters had a hand in and is located in an impoverished neighborhood of southeast Erie. This wonderful endeavor brightens up the block considerably.

And, finally, happy feast to all those for whom September 8th, the celebration of the Birth of Mary in the liturgical calendar, and a common entrance day for young nuns back in the day, is special. We do Marian feasts well, if I do say so myself. Bringing devotions to a contemporary post-Vatican II spirituality is not easy, but our liturgists are very good at it and we celebrate many Marian feasts gladly and meaningfully.