Thursday, October 20, 2011

Deer Time

Lots and lots of deer encounters these days. There are still plenty of apples in the back orchard that attract our "herd" all day long, but especially at sunset. The crab apple trees also have quite a bit of fruit on them, so they are still in the food chain. But, the last time I checked the grapes over at Benetwood Apartments they were just about picked clean.

Tuesday night I ducked out the patio door right after supper and took what I thought would be a quick spin around the Mount. I had only reached the old greenhouse when I met four deer and had a pleasant 5-minute staring contest, in which I hope I showed no fear even though one walked toward me before stopping about 50 feet away.

After we parted I continued around the east end of the house and as I came around to the front there was a lone small deer right off the blacktop of the front circle, quietly grazing under a tree. We stared a little, too, and then I continued to the front door while she continued to forage.

Took down the last of the hummingbird feeders this week, too, and noticed that one of our sisters who works on the chapel environment placed some of the huge mum plants from Jubilee outside at our entrances. They are still gorgeous and must be a welcoming sight to our many October visitors.

See our community site for two wonderful Smileboxes of Jubilee weekend. Very appropriately named--"Smile" boxes.