Monday, October 17, 2011

Everyone Seems to Stop By

This is one of those times where it seems as if "the whole world" is passing by our front door---and stopping in. We had an 8th grade class that one of our sisters brought for the day to show them her monastery. We had a group from a parish down in the diocese come to have a little "time away" for the day. The AIM USA Board is coming for their annual meeting--10 monks and nuns from around the country, most of them abbots or prioresses. And over 40 women are participating in Benetvision's annual Readers' Retreat at a nearby conference center with many of them coming a few days early or staying later for a few days with us at the Mount.

And guess what? We love having them. Come one, come all, that's what monasteries are for; that's why we have a whole wing (15 rooms) for visitors; that's why we have 3 hermitages, and I wish we could build 3 more.

Some early autumn scenes from our place: