Monday, October 31, 2011

Love Feast

The last 4-5 days here really have been a kind of "love feast" in many and various ways. Sister Margaret Mary's funeral and burial were lovely and one of the most beautiful parts of them was the attendance by eleven of her close relatives, including her two age 80+ sisters. They were quite moved by our rituals and hospitality. They couldn't say enough about how meaningful an experience it was for them. That is truly the very best part of having families with us during times such as these.

Friday through Sunday we were joined for our community weekend program and oblate commitment ceremony by 50-100 oblates (depending on the day!). They, too, are wonderful to be around and to have with us no matter the time or event, but especially this last weekend of October. The Saturday presentations on personal fitness and good health practices were just great and much-appreciated by all.

One of the small but unique parts of both of these events was the addition of matted photographs from Sister Margaret Mary's life and then of past oblate events and participants. These photos were scattered throughout the dining room and community room and truly "spoke" their own message within the other rituals. Visit our website today and throughout the week for a photo display of these days, as I saw many of our photographers very busy throughout.

And here's a new movie review for your consideration. John Dear, sj, reviews the new movie, The Way, with Martin Sheen, aka Jed Bartlett of West Wing fame. Seems like one we should catch.