Monday, October 24, 2011

Rest in Peace

We average about 3-4 sisters a year who pass onto eternal life. I'm not usually in the room when one dies--often because of schedule or other duties or just leaving that special time for those closest to her. But Sunday was an exception and I was one of three of us who were with our Sister Margaret Mary when she died early in the afternoon.

It was such a peace-filled, calm and loving moment. It was a privilege to be with her. Watch our community website this week for postings of her obit and prayer card.

Sunday was also Mission Sunday and our environment for Mass reflected that. Here we used our special candle holders...from Africa, I think.

Acknowledging that there are a zillion web sites and that our friends and family send us links to ones they like all the's hard to suggest one that is really special, but I think I've got one. If you have the time...Enjoy: Google Doodles.