Thursday, October 27, 2011

Steelers, Browns or Bills?

We thought we were attending and hosting the Memory Service for our Sister Margaret Mary. And we were and we did. But what we didn't know, and never would have expected in a million years, was the appearance of her great-nephew and NFL sports commentator, Scott Hanson, and the football talk intertwined with the spirituality of the wake of his favorite and much-loved great aunt.

My oh my, you just never know what a day will bring! Click here to make (partial) sense of it all!

On a more "normal" day--the two large rose bushes in the inner courtyard two days ago. What are they doing in full flower at the end of October?

And what are we doing going out to work at 7:25 am in the near pitch dark? Here's a snapshot of the chapel on the way to our car.