Monday, December 19, 2011

Sneaking In

Christmas is slowly sneaking into Mount St. Benedict even though we still have the 4th week of Advent to celebrate. The O Antiphons are prevalent everywhere here...not only at Evening Praise where they appear in the Divine Office but one panel of the O Antiphon's banner goes up every day-- by Friday all seven will be hanging in our cloister walk between chapel and the dining room. You can also see them on individual cards on our Pray With Us page here and you can hear us singing them here.

Also there is a new recording--our handbell choir playing "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" Advent's #1 hit.

If you haven't visited our site for a couple days you'll enjoy some Smile Boxes on the front page: Benetwood's Christmas dinner and all the SBA Lassies turning out for their annual December event, too.

Here's a collage of Christmas's attempts to "infiltrate" the Mount! (Officially we trim the whole house on Thursday).