Thursday, December 1, 2011

Visiting Rome

This website is wonderful and quite appropriate for this time of year, I think, as we are awaiting the annual celebration of Jesus and his life among us.

Here is an interactive website that takes you inside the Sistine Chapel and enables you to "look around." If you've been there you can verify that this is exactly what it looks like. In reality it's wall-to-wall people with a United Nations of languages all around the room.

After seeing this site, I dug up my own photos from Rome a couple years ago and want to share my favorite thing about Rome: the Pieta.

Well, we survived November with 0.8" of snow against an average of about 10". But the last two days have brought in rain, cooler temps and these clouds that give new meaning to "ominous." Now to see what December brings---winter, surely.