Thursday, January 12, 2012

D is for Daily

Liturgically we are back to Ordinary Time, which we all claim to love--a break from feasting! But I must tell you that there has been nothing ordinary and daily about this first week after the Christmas Season. Most obvious has been our extraordinary number of guests/visitors. Sunday alone we had teenagers everywhere as a Confirmation class from Warren, PA. came for liturgy and our eight Canisius University students arrived at the exact same time to begin their week of ministry, prayer and community during their semester break. They are delightful, just great to have around.

Adding to our non-ordinary week is the continuation of the 24-48 hour flu which first appeared December 18th and is still with us--appearing subtly every couple of days in a new person. It has gone through our houses in Erie as well as the Mount. When we are "attacked" by one of these winter bugs we are much more use to the kind that puts 20+ of us down all at once. This one is unusual in its one-by-one advance. Most sisters seem to spend a day or two sleeping, lying low and then popping up as quickly as they went down.

Finally, with our out-of-the-ordinary winter (so far) we are seeing blue skies and white clouds rather than the normal grey dome that settles over the area. Earlier this week we were treated to a huge, beautiful, full moon at 7:30 am on the way to work. Here's one shot of it from East Lake Road.