Monday, February 13, 2012

M is for Mediate

This past week two sisters and I took an unplanned 370-mile trip and then turned around the next day and drove back. Who can drive through Pennsylvania in February--through numerous snow belts, the Appalachian Mountains, and on various truck-clogged interstates? Impossible. But it wasn't. It was smooth and easy and as clear as two days in July. Who would believe it could be possible?

As we set out to come home on the second day I experienced the oddest sensation--I truly felt there was something beyond ourselves that was affecting the day. Some may call it an adrenalin rush, in New Age vocabulary it might be labeled "receiving good vibes." I knew of the many sisters who were praying for us on this difficult journey and for that few minutes I truly "felt" them. It was an overwhelming feeling of strength, an awareness of being just one small part of a larger endeavor. It was so real, so tangible. I can tell you that it was a great support, a tremendous realization of togetherness and oneness of purpose and care.