Thursday, February 16, 2012

N is for None

Ah, ha!
This is a test: how did you read the title today?

Did it sound like "N is for nun"

or as "N is for known"?

Congratulations, you Divine Office/Liturgy of the Hours experts if you recognized it as "known," the ninth hour of prayer for the day.

So today I offer you five minutes of brushing up on your Church History and take you to a couple web pages so that you can read up on your Prayer of the Church--the Divine Office. Here's one for None itself and here's one for the whole Liturgy of the Hours. Very, very interesting reads.

Now if you visit us you won't hear the Little Hours (Prime, Terce, Sext and None) prayed. We pray what would probably be equivalent to Lauds and Vespers...with a mid-day prayer for all the "little ones," and occasionally we pray Compline. But if you visit some Cistercian/Trappist places around the US (there are only 20 or so) you'll have the opportunity to pray the whole set throughout the day and night. Note: they nap in the afternoon to make up for the night times, so if you're going to get up, go down for a nap...or for sure you will the next day! For a listing of Trappist places in the US, use the link in the right hand column and then the search box for monasteries in the USA. I hope you visit one someday, it's a great experience.

Valentine's Day brought a preview of things to come--
in 4 months!