Monday, March 5, 2012

S is for Soup

I read an article in our local paper this week that told of food pantries opening on university campuses because the need for food is so great. I believe they are directed to part time students, employees on campus and others in need. Somehow you have to qualify. It made me curious about the state of hunger in the US right now. What a google search that was!

Feeding America, the new name for Second Harvest, is helping feed 37 million Americans through its distribution of 3 billion pounds of food each year through its food bank network. And Feed the Children's mission is to address the 12 million children at risk in this country of going hungry.

One the most fascinating pages I found was a map of the food pantries in NYC. They had one of those little red pins for every food bank/pantry in any area you wished to search in the NY boroughs. They could have just painted the whole map red--they are everywhere.

We have a lot of soup during Lent. It makes a simple meal option for those who wish that. Soup and a salad. I'm not real adventurous when it comes to different kinds of soup, but I'll be thinking differently this week every time I pass ours. Click here for an update on our own Emmaus Soup Kitchen---sadly still open and "doing well."

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