Monday, March 19, 2012

W is for Wild and Wonderful

It was a wild and wonderful week as nine Ohio Wesleyan students and their advisor spent seven days with us. Mid-week a gal who came with OWU five years ago, also showed up. She's in southern California pursuing a master's degree. Her parents still live in Ohio, so she's in this part of the country for a visit.

As we always experience with collegians, they were full of energy, enthusiasm and openness to everything. We were delighted to have them as always.

While here they got the chance to experience our regular holiday visitors: The Lakeside Senior Citizen Daycare chorus. Our community website has a Smilebox of their St. Patrick's Day visit.

The first day of spring is tomorrow, a day we usually greet with a couple inches of snow, if not falling at least on the ground. But this year we already have two sure signs of the season that appeared yesterday: a little spring bouquet in our own inner courtyard garden...

and a beautiful and full rainbow that accompanied a soft, warm rain at sunset.