Thursday, March 22, 2012

X is for Xtreme

Whenever my "wordsmith" friends get started in conversations about words themselves it gets very interesting, very quickly. One of those conversations is always about spelling. Have you noticed that "extreme" is now often spelled "xtreme"? Drives them crazy! As I'm sure the whole texting phenomenon does to grade school spelling teachers. How in the world are they doing it these days with all the abbreviations, initials and acronyms in vogue? A tough, tough job.

On another note, did you know that X is #23 in frequency of use in the English language. What would you guess are the three less frequent? There were many words that could have been used for X today, one of my favorite being xenophobia, a special word for Benedictines as our whole hospitality charism dictates against it.

Next week Y and Z. Those ought to be interesting, too.

Our inner courtyard magnolia tree, given as a memorial to Stella Steff, bloomed out of nowhere earlier this week--right on time for spring.

The less frequent letters are Z, J, Q.

See "Prioress" on our website to read Sister Anne's reflections on the Feast of Benedict, March 21.