Monday, April 30, 2012


Our Take Back the Site vigils have taken on a sadness that their very quantity has brought on. Last Thursday we had #62. The coverage from our local paper is here.

And this week we will hold #63--as two deaths took place in "our little town" in just 48 hours. We're all a bit beside ourselves about the prevalence and use of guns, primarily among our 20 and 30 year olds--and those involved in drug use or in the arguments that arise in relationships, often aided by alcohol or a combination of things. Not all of our homicides are from these, but it seems as if a majority are. Very sad--for those who knew the victim, those family and friends of the arrested and those everyday citizens who read of these again and again and just shake their heads, wonder and worry. Sadness all around.

The one last Thursday was a member of one of our local cycling clubs (motorcycles) and many of the cyclists attended. In my efforts to take this photo for our own records

the prayer service began, so I just stayed where I was and was caught on camera by the Times News photographer. You'll see me, in photo #9, in the red jacket, amidst the bikers! Photo from the Erie Times News is here.