Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calming Down

This is a week of calm--calming down. After four intense days of liturgies, guests, music, hospitality, rituals, special meals, etc. etc. everyone is being overly respectful of everyone else's need to "just be." We're all getting back to those projects and work that were put on hold last Thursday, trying to remember where we are with everything, and even shifting gears for the next events that are coming this weekend--though they are much smaller in scope. Yeh!

To that end I treated myself to a walk around our Glinodo property and caught these rather ordinary, but special to us, pictures from early spring. Yours might be further along than ours, but we're getting there. (Click to enlarge.)

Along the path we found these May Apples just peeking up their umbrella heads.

Here is a build up of shale right in the middle of Seven Mile Creek, seen from the creek trail.

We were on a footbridge that crosses the creek; here's the view looking north, right into Lake Erie.

And here's 180 degrees turned looking south, upstream.