Monday, April 16, 2012

Favorite Haunts

Within a radius of 4 miles or so of the Mount, community members have numerous "favorite haunts." If you frequent them you're pretty sure to see a Benedictine there. Here's one: the Iroquois branch of the Erie County Library. The huge main library, located on the waterfront in the middle of town, has only 4 branches now and, lucky for us, one is just down the road. It is located in Lawrence Park, an area that began as a residence for many of the families whose fathers/mothers worked at the adjoining General Electric plant. Remembering those roots, the designer of this newly renovated branch made it into a small old-fashioned railroad station--very appropriate, since our GE plant specializes in the manufacture of train locomotives. (Absolutely beautiful, by the way, when we catch them on the test track that runs right by our place).

Closer to home: here's a look at one of our back door areas--quite functional but not the prettiest of entrances.

However, if you look closely you see something popping up...and

when you get really close, you can see them clearly: beautiful, dainty bell-shaped flowers. Ah, spring!