Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Favorites

Every spring I have favorite shots I can't wait to take. Even though every year they probably look exactly alike, I still just can't wait to see them anew and, because of this blog, post their photo again. Do you have your own favorite pieces of spring...a row of daffodils that are just positioned differently from all the others, a bush that is a special color of pink that you wait for each April, or that one dogwood tree you pass on your way to work that seems perfectly shaped? I hope you do. They're just like old friends who turn up and the "conversation" picks right up where it ended last spring.

Right outside my office window, here's that old-fashioned plant, Bleeding Hearts, hanging on those perfectly curved stems that never break.

It doesn't look like this birdhouse will last through many more winters, but it made it again--becoming a new nesting place for this year's babies. Can you see the nesting material that appeared just yesterday?

And, finally, the two-colored dogwood, white with a pink limb grafted in or pink with a white limb grafted on. One way or the other. But what a glorious sight it makes for a week or so--in the middle of the inner city, too.

Amidst all this continuing spring explosion we are walking with sorrowful steps this week as we will be holding our three days of celebration of one of our sisters--who passed into everlasting life April 19th. See her obituary and prayer card here. Please remember us in your prayers. We don't have many funerals where the sister's mother is in attendance.