Thursday, May 3, 2012

It can't be five years

I had planned on mentioning LTSGW's 3rd anniversary this week (May 1st), but when I double-checked just to be sure, it turned out to be the end of the 5th year! How in the world did that happen? But sure enough, the first entry was May 1, 2007. Geeeesh!

Thanks to all of you who have been faithful readers and thanks for sharing it with others---that goes double for our community website, too. There are so many good things on it all the time.

I've added a new direct link to Mary Lou K's blog--see right-hand column for the "Heart of the Matter." She is a great writer and her entries are always so good. I hope you get in the habit of checking it every week or so.

American nuns are in the mainstream media right now. This seems to happen every couple of years. You can follow lots of the columns and major media coverage on the Vatican's findings on the LCWR assessment here and, of course, you can google to your heart's desire!

A dozen or so of us are reading the Hunger Games trilogy. There are lists in each of the books and when you finish one you just cross out your name and pass it on. I'm about #5 on each list and have read the first two. They are very creative and thought-provoking. The classic story of good vs. evil, power vs. spirit, even with a little love story. Here's my first attempt at a visual commentary/cartoon based on these books.