Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Two of the best

Lots of new things on our community website. If you haven't been there lately take a look.

Of all the hundreds of columns and articles about the LCWR and the Vatican's CDF findings here are two of the best I've read. This one is from The Nation.

And here's a statement from a group of courageous priests:

A Statement of Support For the LCWR

The members of the Association of Pittsburgh Priests would like to add our name to the chorus of support for the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Network and the Resource Center for Religious Life.

We want to thank the sisters for their major role in building the Church in the United States from coast to coast.

We want to thank them for their whole hearted response to the request of Vatican II to return to the charisms of their founders and continuously seek renewal.

We want to thank the sisters for answering the call of Vatican II to minister to those at the margins of society as well as those suffering most in society.

We want to thank the sisters for not judging or condemning our brothers and sisters who are gay or lesbian or women who feel called to ordained ministry.

We want to thank the sisters for their radical obedience to the voice of God in spite of opposition from those who should support them.

We pray that the outpouring of support from many quarters for the sisters and these brave, professional, and Spirit-filled organizations will shield them from the attacks of our modern day Pharisees.

We are grateful that the sisters have read the signs of the time in the light of the Gospel in so many ways, especially in their positive understanding of feminism which by its nature is “radical”, thank goodness.

We hope that the Holy Spirit will enlighten the American bishops, archbishops, and cardinals as he/she did Peter and Paul so that they defend wholeheartedly our American sisters and seek the immediate end to the outrageous, hurtful and scandalous mandate of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Years ago Father Bill Bausch wrote a book called Take Heart Father. We want to say,” Take heart sisters!” You are not alone!

Pentecost 2012.