Monday, May 21, 2012

People of the summer

Walking through our dining room Saturday I was struck by a sight that was just wonderful: four gals who are visiting us sitting at a table having lunch. What was so unusual about that? Two things: 1) they were not with a group, they had come on their own and 2) they are all 20-somethings, had become aware of each other's visit over the weekend and connected for lunch.

No, they're not "signing up," don't go there! They belong, I believe, to that growing group of people that seem to just like being here--for a weekend, a retreat or a little time away. Maybe it's just the atmosphere of the Mount, our monastic prayer, the sisters they've met or the acceptance they experience. It was so nice to have all four here at once. Lots of smiles, great friendliness and, best of all, they seem so comfortable around us.

Additionally, we had a 40s-something group of catechists for the weekend, from a small parish down in our diocese. There were 6 of them I think and they were terrific, too. First time for all but one, who brought the rest.

Thank you to all our guests who, after they find us, like what they find enough to share it with others, even bring others back with them. We love "meeting the world"---right in our own dining room, chapel, guest hall, hermitages, and all around our grounds. Welcome!

Irises are in full bloom in Erie. These are right in one of our gardens.

These are not some of our visitors, but are "in bloom" all around our area, too. So fuzzy and cute.