Sunday, May 6, 2012

So this is a weekend

Lots of community events, including Easter itself 4 weeks ago, have taken up our weekends of late, but this one was "free"...and the spirit among the sisters was palpable as many took up their long laid aside hobbies and interests with a vengeance during the sunny May weekend.

Yours truly decided to play "nature girl" and be outside as much as possible. First came some time cleaning the effects of winter off the cloister walk windows--a greatly satisfying chore! I also put two hummingbird feeders up and saw some of the birds already. Oranges for our Baltimore Orioles also came back in our inner courtyard, with memories of Sr. Mary Margaret Kraus who was so faithful at supplying them. A long walk through the woods saw that the Jacks in the Pulpit are up and all the May Apples are blooming wildly. That was followed by some time at the lakeshore, actually in the sun. Then came a stop at the Diary Queen, since it's an old fashioned walk up only, it counts as being outside! On the way home we drove down to an overlook at the Lake and caught a beauty of a sunset. Hope your weekend--was a weekend, too.

Through it all we were mystified by the occurrence of little flitting butterflies everywhere we went. A quick google search came up with this from our local paper last week: they are Red Admiral butterflies. Read this from Erie's top birder, Jerry McWilliams.

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