Monday, May 28, 2012

Two meditations

What a magnificent Pentecost Sunday Liturgy we had yesterday. Very special--and a large and involved group of people who came to share it with us. We had singing, a little dance, memorized and read readings, great homily and much celebratory music. Spirit-filled for sure!

Two "meditations" from Mary Oliver that seem fitting for the day after the celebration of Pentecost:

So Every Day

So every day
I was surrounded by the beautiful crying forth
of the ideas of God,

one of which was you.

Where Are You?

Where are you?
Do you know that the heart has a dungeon?
Bring light! Bring light!

This little chipmunk was trying to figure out a way to leap from this tree over to my feeder. Ha, ha little fella, no limb gets close enough---I hope.

And here is one of the 10 blue spruce saplings that I received from the Arbor Association just for asking. One of them is struggling, but the other nine seem to have adapted to this new home, right below my windows, in a protected area of other bushes and trees. They stay there for about 18 months and then can be transplanted to grow to full stature, which I believe is about 25 feet high.