Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy summer days

Lots of summer news on our community's site, including the Nuns on the Bus tour here in the East the last two weeks of June. The three major communities of women in Erie co-sponsored a rally Wednesday in downtown Erie in solidarity with the bus tour and legislation that would help the poor and needy. The Erie Times News has coverage, both print and video, on their website.

These "Miles from the Boston Store" posts are an iconic part of Erie's late 20th c. history. Here's one that still exists---3 miles east of us on East Lake Road. The Boston Store was a popular seven-story department store in downtown Erie, pre-mall days. One of my favorite Boston Store memories is of its elevators. Each included a little fold-down stool right inside, used by the elevator man who ran each elevator. Just wonderful!

Fortunately, it was never torn down as part of inner-city renewal programs. Today it is a low-income apartment complex, still, at least externally, the same.