Monday, June 25, 2012

Lake vs Ocean

After spending a week's vacation at the Jersey Shore for a number of years, I've finally realized the allure of this shore-culture, especially to its #1 proponents: the people of Philadelphia and New York.

The beaches and the shore towns and all that goes along with them, is indeed a great way to spend a vacation--if you're a water/sun person, of course. The mountain, woods-loving folks had better stay inland!

But my love for the great lakes regions, with their fresh water, small boating and swimming, ice fishing and ice skating in winter, and overall easily accessible water recreational sports without the "dangers" of the ocean, its currents, storms and marine life, still holds the #1 place in my heart!

But that doesn't mean I'll trade in my Jersey week. I'll enjoy them both!

P.S. Finished, The Confessor by Charles Todd, a great mystery and am just starting A Beginner's Goodbye by Anne Tyler, one of my favorite authors.