Thursday, June 14, 2012

What I won't forget #4

Don't miss the new opening video on our community website, "Reflections on Ordinary Time."

One of today's topics was power, specifically unilateral power vs. relational power. The power spoken of in the Gospel of Jesus is relational--to be able and open to influence and to be influenced throughout our life.

In the common life well-lived we don't just tolerate differences, but we encourage them.

And one funny story: an older sister who was quite simple was out watering the flowers. Another sister who was always telling everyone how to do things (her way) went by and proceeded to tell the sister how to water the flowers, what she was doing wrong, etc. For quite awhile the older sister just ignored the litany of advice. Finally, however, she had had it. In one full sweep she spun around and turned the hose on the other--gave her a real watering herself.

Learn to enjoy the differences, very little is going to go exactly my way.