Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What I won't forget #2

The first word of the Rule of Benedict is "listen." A holy listening is an absolute necessity in cenobitic monastic life--on everyone's part. And listening is the beginning of obedience.

Mary Oliver's take:
I ask you again, If you have not been enchanted by this adventure--your life--what would do for you?

And where are you, with your ears bagged down as if with packets of sand? Listen. We all have much more listening to do. Tear the sand away. And listen. The river is singing.

Let me put it this way--if you distain the cobbler may I assume you walk barefoot?

For myself, I have walked in these woods for more than forty years, and I am the only thing, it seems, that is about to be used up. Or to be less extravagant, will in the foreseeable future, be used up.