Monday, July 30, 2012

July comes to an end

Guests continue to be a major part of our summer. Not that they aren't every year, but it just seems like there have been more this year--which is not a problem at all. One interesting one stopped by Friday night about 8:30 pm. He was a 20-something young guy who came in, introduced himself as a biker from New Hampshire who was going across country to Washington state and asked if he could pitch his tent overnight on our property. His name was Muhammed and he said that he tries to stop at churches or religious places overnight. We did give him hospitality but not in the backyard. One of our guest rooms was free, so we put him up there, complete with shower accommodations! He was gone by 7:30 am, the time I came through the foyer where his bike had been parked. Good luck Muhammed!

After a historic (our youngest participants) and delightful year, our own two 20-something Benedicta Riepp participants left us this weekend to begin their next phase of life, as they refer to it. They are staying in Erie, which is very nice and I believe that they are going to continue their blogs. So check their links on the sidebar for "a look into the lives of two young, Catholic gals as they walk, run, jump, skip, trip, dance, laugh, yell, sigh, cry and otherwise go through life in this part of the world"!

Our hummingbirds must be starting their migration back to Mexico already because we've seen them everywhere the last week or so. They are also draining our feeders faster than ever!