Thursday, July 26, 2012

Only in summer

I'm taking a one day break from our mailbox series because of a couple "summer only" events of Wednesday that I want to share. The first one happened at 7:15 in the morning. As I returned to my room after morning prayer to gather up things for work, I just casually looked out my window and lo and behold, here's what I saw:

I grabbed my camera, tore out the side door, and there they were--one of our fawn and her/his mother. Cute as can be. We're seeing them more regularly now, in the backyard in the apple orchard. Enough said!

Then, at noon I attended a lunch-hour event downtown: a woodwind quintet from our Erie Philharmonic Orchestra, putting on a summer concert on the patio of the Art Museum. It was sunny and quite warm, but what a delightful time: flute, oboe, bassoon and clarinet with a French horn rounding out the five some. I always feel like I'm in some big, metropolitan city when these kind of things happen in Erie. It was wonderful. I went with two musicians, also, which made it even better. Can you find us?

Ta da! Here they are--under a tent, thank goodness. Our local PBS radio station, WQLN, broadcasts the music live, also. At the end of August they have a brass group scheduled.

"O Creator God, we give thanks for sun and warmth and the days of summer, that showcase your creations at their finest."