Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer days---not always sunny

We live in an area not known for droughts, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, dust storms, fires or severe rainfall. My Dad use to say that about the only natural disaster we regularly had was snow---and that would melt and go away without much damage if you just waited a few days. In that vein, I ask you to remember the people in other parts of our country coping with much more than a heavy snowstorm these days, especially our oblates and Benedictine Sisters in Colorado Springs.

In 2009 the sisters sold their monastery and built a new, more fitting one for their size and these times on land they owned in the Black Forest outside of Colorado Springs. They are a lovely community: the Benedictine Sisters of Benet Hill Monastery.

This non-descript mailbox caught my eye because, as I stopped to read the name posted on top of it, it turned out to be Mazza Vineyards, one of the best-known wineries in our area. This is how they (humbly) get their mail, I guess!