Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Days

Update: our A/C was restored just in time for record hot days Friday and Saturday, but nothing like the warmth reported in the Midwest. We think 88-90 is pretty repressive here, but those 100+s reported in Indiana must really be something.

Friday night a group of us took in an Erie Seawolves game (Double AA farm team for the Detroit Tigers). Not only did they win but there was lots of "action"---hits, stolen bases, errors---things that make a baseball game exciting.

Today I looked back over what I was writing about in the summers of 2007-2011. I realized that I'm pretty much writing about the same things in 2012! This is a not-surprising fact of monasticism: there is a strong repetition in the life, more than just in the psalmody of daily prayer. It extends to our activities and interests and other parts of the daily and yearly calendars. I guess some would call them "traditions" but since they're really part of the everyday, I think I'd label them just the pieces of the life.

And if you like it, which I do very much, it is far from humdrum or boringly predictable. It is instead cyclic and welcoming. It brings a rhythm that makes the life what it is.

And on that note, here's a weekend report of one of our most favorite events of the summer months: two of our sisters saw the new twin fawn nursing right on the edge of the woods at our Benetwood Apartments just behind us through the woods. Can their nightly appearance in our own apple orchard be far behind?!

And another summer perennial,
the Night-Blooming Evening Primrose.
The first photo was taken at 8:15 pm last night,
the second at 9:15, an hour later.

More mailboxes along Route 5 (aka East Lake Road)