Monday, July 23, 2012

Sun fun

A very busy week came to an end Saturday with our annual employee picnic. About 35 men and women work at the Mount in food service, housekeeping, health services and maintenance. Once a year we open our Glinodo grounds to them and their families--and pray for good weather. This year we didn't have good weather--we had fantastic weather. Sun and warmth and perfect conditions for time in the pool and for just "hanging around" with family and friends and delicious picnic fare. Many sisters were able to come down to join with our employees.

See our community site for a Smilebox of the event.

I walked down to the event and played "nature girl" by walking along the tree line. Here are some signs of mid-summer that I found: berry bushes just beginning to produce ripe ones and Queen Anne's Lace along Rte 5 and the creek, right at our entrance. Finally a butterfly sunning on the bushes. I'm not sure which one it is, but it was shining brightly.

And the mailbox parade continues!