Thursday, August 2, 2012

Googling the Olympics

In between Olympic evenings we've squeezed in our annual Summer Community Days for four days this week. I am writing this at the end of Day #1, and what a great day it was. Just a quick overview: the morning and early afternoon was spent on updating information on community policies. By that title it sounds rather tedious and corporate, but it was far from that due to an informative, interesting and dynamic speaker. In the afternoon we had a beautiful and inspiring introduction and presentation, in the context of Evening Praise, of our sessions on Hildegard of Bingen the 12th century Benedictine abbess/saint and soon-to-be Doctor of the Church. Again, the ideas and creativity of our sisters are amazing to me.

And while in the creative mode, the Google logos are so cute this week. Every day the logo features a different Olympic sport--incorporating the word GOOGLE. Take a look here.