Monday, August 13, 2012

Memories of St. Louis

The photos here give a visual of some of the memories from our week in St. Louis. The articles and columns here will give you a montage of thoughts on the LCWR assembly itself. The full press release from the LCWR is here. A full array of articles can be found by googling LCWR under Google News.

It was amazing, awesome and somewhat overwhelming to be part of an event that will indeed have some significance in the Catholic Church and certainly in the life of Catholic religious women in the United States. Over the next few months/years we shall surely see---we shall surely see.

The Gateway Arch from our hotel.

The view from the top of the Gateway Arch.

A rally Friday night in support of US Sisters. It was held in the park of the Gateway Arch--
right across from our hotel and drew 200+ people.

The hour-long rally was organized by Future Church, Call To Action and other supporters
in and around St. Louis.

If I haven't hooked you on Google Doodles yet this might do it: not only did they continue their daily Olympic events google mastheads, but the last few days they embedded little games you could play in that sport!