Thursday, September 27, 2012

SVT Sweden

We had quite the exciting time this week as two women from Sweden visited us to interview Sister Joan, meet our sisters and film some of our community ministries and prayer. Lena Scherman, reporter, editor and host of a 1/2 hour show on world issues for SVT, a Swedish TV network, has traveled the world making documentaries and presenting world issues to the people of Scandinavia. Lena has produced numerous programs on women and issues concerning women's plight today. (Hint: if you can "turn on" google translator it will translate these pages into English.)

The show is set to air on October 23 and they promised to send us a DVD of it. I'll post a reminder nearer the time so those of you who are adventurous web browsers can access it!

Lena Scherman (right) and her camera gal, Linda H. from Stockholm. Oh, what brought them here? Two things: the recent Vatican issues with US sisters and an article Lena read by Joan Chittister. She said to herself, "I have to go and meet these women"--and she did!